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Welcome aboard The Narcosis!

Thank you for choosing to dive with us at Narcosis! Before we go on our journey together, we have a few requirements that we ask for you to follow for your safety:

We want to make sure you are not flying within 24 hours after you dive.

Water and snacks (Fresh fruit, cookies, and some other items) are provided on the boat. If you would like to bring your own snacks or drinks, you are more than welcome to share our cooler space! You can bring alcohol, but we ask that no one starts drinking until after the last diver on the last dive surfaces.

Three things we do not allow on the boat are:

  •  * Bananas (old superstition).
  •  * GPS devices (by law they can be confiscated by captain).
  •  * Flip-flops or bare feet (you can have sandals, tennis shoes or dive booties).

Two Things we require all divers to have.

  1. Dive watch OR a Dive computer (we are not responsible for tracking bottom time).
  2. S.M.B. Surface Marker Buoy (AKA Safety sausage or a See Me Tube)

In consideration to the other passengers, departure times will not be delayed. Therefore, if you miss the boat, no refunds will be given.  

If you need to cancel for any reason, cancellations must be made 48-hours prior to the scheduled departure of the vessel. If you cancel within (less than two days in advance) the 48-hour period, you will be charged the full price of the trip.

PLEASE be sure to contact us the day prior to your dive to confirm weather conditions and your seat!

Your credit card will be held to reserve your spot on the dive charter. On the morning of your dive please bring your credit card into the store to be swiped or you can pay with cash or check.      (We do not accept American express).

Check-in is at the dive shop (6am, 7am, 12:30pm) Please be at the shop a ½ hour before if you are renting equipment. You do not need to bring in your gear since you will be parking at the dock. You will also need to provide your certification card if it is not already on file.

Our boat crew is there to help you, so please don't forget them

If we cancel due to weather, you will receive a voucher for another trip or a refund if you have pre-paid.